Pancake Demonstration

It’s the weekend on the homestead and my little guy is home from school. I just love the weekends. It’s our family time and we always try to have fun.

Sled Riding in Style

One of our favorite things to do is make breakfast and spend the morning unwinding.

One thing that brings me joy is that all of my children have my love for cooking, including my little guy. In fact, today he made some pancakes for me.

What a cutie

We could make completely homemade, from scratch, pancakes but we don’t. I have found the best pancake mix in the world. I buy this mix at GFS for around $6.00 and it’s worth every penny. Don’t let the huge box fool you. This mix will go fast, especially if you teach your children to make their own pancakes. These are crazy fluffy and slightly sweet. They make your house smell like you are baking a cake. Your family is going to fall in love with these pancakes just like mine have.

Best Pancakes Ever


So my little guy had fun making these pancakes. I got a hot, delicious breakfast that I did not have to cook.  Now you know why we love the weekends so much.

He’s schooling me on the proper way to make pancakes.


In my opinion, frugality is a family affair. If you want to find ways to save money, and live with the freedom that homesteading offers, you must all work together. Quite frankly, I don’t think you need to live on a homestead to incorporate teamwork with your family.  If your children love cooking, let them cook. The sooner you teach them to take care of themselves, the easier the big-bad world is going to be for them. Let them cook and you do the dishes.  Trade a chore for a chore and make your day easier.


Just a couple of tips. Don’t over mix your batter. I do this part for him, for now, to show him how it’s done. Also, make sure your heat is medium high. Not too hot to burn but hot enough that the batter sizzles when it hits the pan. It’s easier to flip and cook smaller pancakes. So keep them small and cook only one at a time at first. My final tip, wait until the bubbles form until you flip your pancakes. The more the pancakes are messed with, while cooking in the pan, the less fluffy the pancakes will be.

Next time you are tired and need a break, put them little chefs to work. You will get more than you ever bargained for.




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